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Ava Johnson & Family

The Johnsons journey began on February 20, 2013, when their 3 year old daughter, Ava, was diagnosis by MRI with a Diffused Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG).


“We were crushed, why, how, and now what...we immediately contacted family and were told to look into natural healing verses conventional medicine. Our family was blessed to be guided by a conventional doctor willing to let us take our time and decide when or if we even wanted to start treatment.” Samantha Johnson


The Johnson family lives on a farm in rural South Dakota, where Ava’s father Mark owns and operates a small farm. This meant they would have to travel long distances in order to get more than one opinion from some of the best oncologists in the country.


After seeking multiple second options across the country for Ava, from DIPG "expert oncologists" they all said the same thing… "Your daughter has an inoperable tumor located on her brain stem and pons, called a DIPG. We haven't had any successful treatments in 30 years for these tumors, we suggest radiation to 'buy' her a few more weeks or months of life but, without any treatment she mostly won't make it a full year."  Expert Oncologists


The thought of "buying" life wasn't what the Johnsons wanted to hear. As her mother, Samantha spent days and nights making phone calls, searching the internet and Facebook and talking with cancer "specialist". A month after Ava’s diagnosis in March, Samantha meet Kalli via Facebook,


“She gave us hope, light, and most of all love during a very dark time. Kalli and Mike along with the Cash Hyde Foundation reached out to our family and provided us with resources and education that no doctor or medical professional could ever do. Without this contact, we would not be here today, talking about an active, loving life, full of energy 5 year old little girl; a little girl who has defied all odds that were placed upon her nearly 3 years ago.” Samantha Johnson


Miss Ava has continued to thrive and enjoy every minute of life; she loves preschool and being a big sister to her 3 year old sister and 3 month old twin brothers. Ava still has her struggles, but she's a fighter and she finds ways to overcome them. She receives intensive physical, occupational, and speech therapy weekly, she uses acupuncture and Chinese Medicine treatments, nutritional supplements, eats a mostly organic diet, and avoids as much sugar, gluten and non-organic dairy as possible.


“It's been difficult, especially living in a society that just wants to pump kids up with sugar and junk foods. At first people didn't understand why we chose to "watch and wait" and not radiate her immediately, but now, almost 3 years later people commend us for stepping outside the box and doing our own thing. Without the guidance from the Cash Hyde Foundation, Mike, Kalli, and family, we wouldn't be here; we wouldn’t be a family with a little girl that is showing cancer who is the boss!” Samantha Johnson


The Cash Hyde Foundation is honored to sponsor the Johnson Family this Christmas by hosting a silent auction, bake sale and cake raffle this December 13, 2015.

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