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Mike Hyde
Founder / CEO
Mike is Cashy's father. He founded the Cash Hyde Foundation in 2011 after Cashy's first battle with cancer in 2010. He have dedicated his life to his family and this foundation. He loves the outdoor, floating, fishing, hiking, and of course, hunting elk.

He's a proud Realtor for the #1 Real Estate Franchise Brand in the USA, Keller Williams Realty, and now a team leader of Hyde & Associates Real Estate under the Keller Williams Western Montana Realty.
Kalli Hyde
Momma Hyde / Everything
Kalli is Cashy's mother, and she helped start this amazing foundation in 2011
with her handsome husband, Mike. 

She loves being a mom and a nurse at one of Missoula's finest hospitals. 
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Colten Hyde
Big Brother / The Rock
Big Brother Colten is the rock of the Hyde family and has played an incredible role in this battle. Colten can make anyone smile and loves flirting with nurses, so anyone could say he was in his element at primary children's.

Kalli and Mike would switch each day and one of them would take Colten and go swimming or just hang out. Colten made them keep their spirits up and stay positive.
Catherine Joy Hyde
Cashy's Sissy

Catherine (Sissy) is the spunk of the family and Cashy's little sister. Her enthusiastic outlook on life brightens everyone's day and she never fails to make someone laugh. She enjoys being a wild child and exploring all that life has to offer. 


She enjoys hearing the stories of Cashy and looking through all of his photos. There is never a day that goes by where Catherine doesn't remind everyone how much of a light she was throughout the journey.

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Rebel Hawk Hyde
Cashy's Sissy

Rebel Hawk is the baby of the family. She has an eagerness and sass to her that is unmatched. When Rebel puts her mind to something she is determined, similar to Cashy. She enjoys snuggling with Cashy's blankets and stuffed animals and listening to the family tell stories about Cashy. 


She is the ultimate Rebel and we love her every day for it!

John Malanca
Board Member / Business Advisor
John founded United Patients Group in 2011. His background consists of 18+ years of Sales, Advertising, Marketing, and Branding. Through a family hardship in 2011, John single-handedly launched, an alternative medicine website to help families and their loved ones struggling with chronic and terminal illnesses. During this time, John also took on the role of Business Advisor and sits on the board of the Cash Hyde Foundation helping to fight cancer with smiles in the name of Cash "Cashy" Michael Hyde. To date, John continues to enjoy a healthy lifestyle of mind, body, and spirit. His passion for giving back will continue with United Patients Group and the Cash Hyde Foundation.
Corinne Malanca
In loving memory
In loving memory of Corinne Malanca, we are deeply saddened to share the news that John's best friend, wife, business partner, but most of all, his soulmate, passed away from cancer on October 19th, 2017. Corinne was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer at the end of June. With their faith, belief system and medical cannabis knowledge, there was no doubt in their minds that they were going to beat this horrendous disease. The cannabis protocols that they used were incorporated daily, along with other healing treatments to fight this terrible disease.Pancreatic cancer is one of the fastest spreading cancers with a low percentage outcome, and the diagnosis simply came too late. Corinne and John embarked on this mission together nearly 7 years ago when medical cannabis saved her father Stan's life from stage 4 lung cancer and METS to the brain. Corinne and John devoted their lives in helping others. United Patients Group was formed to guide, educate and inform others (patients, families, pharmacists, medical institutions and governments) about the healing benefits of medical cannabis. She was very passionate about their work and proud of all the lives changed and saved as a result of their collective efforts In her name, John will continue the work at United Patients Group that she and John started together. John wanted to thank everyone for all the outreach they have received. Your thoughts and prayers are greatly appreciated.