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Jack Berry is an eleven year old boy from Missoula, MT. In July of 2018, he was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma. Osteosarcoma is a rare cancer of the bone. Jack and his family temporarily moved to Boston, MA for chemotherapy and surgical treatment at Dana Farber Cancer Institute and Boston Children's Hospital. Prior to Jack's diagnosis, he played on two competitive hockey teams, skied with his friends and family, mountain biked, and ran with dog in the mountains. Jack looks forward to coming home to Montana with his family and getting back to the active lifestyle that he loves so much. 



Wacee Simenson, seven years old from Chinook Montana, was diagnosed on February 13th, 2018 with T-Cell Lymphoblastic Lymphoma. The diagnosis came shortly after a trip to the emergency room on February 9th revealed a large mass, the size of a football in Wacee's chest. Wacee had been showing signs on a "stomach bug" for 5 days before the mass was found, and his parents took him in for some stomach tenderness, which then revealed the very large mass.

Wacee was medically flown to Kalispell, MT for immediate treatment and tests, before heading down to The Children's Hospital in Denver, which led to a month long stay. Wacee is currently doing treatments in Kalispell once a week until this fall. After that, his treatment plan calls for chemo once a month for two years, if all goes well. Wacee's treatment plan calls for some pretty intense months of chemotherapy coming up, similar to what he experienced down in Denver, and that also means extended stays in Kalispell, and some possible trips back to Denver. Wacee has been a trooper through this all, keeping a smile on his face and a positive attitude, helping him overcome these obstacles he's now up against.


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Preslie Bumgarner, 8 year old from Corvallis, Montana, was diagnosed in 2015 with High Risk B Cell Leukemia at 6 years old. After a fall to her hip, doctors discovered it was cancer and since then she has been receiving treatment in Spokane, WA for her leukemia. Preslie continued to have pain in her legs and hips. A MRI revealed that she has avascular necrosis (bone death) from chemo and steroids. She is now in the maintenance phase of her treatment and on her way to recovery.


At the 2nd Annual Sportsmen Against Cancer Banquet, we were able to surprise Preslie and her family with a guided fishing trip at a beautiful Montana Lodge. You can visit Preslie's Facebook page at


“Preslie absolutely loves being able to go to school and do normal kid things. She loves swimming, dancing, singing, camping and fishing and making YouTube videos with her younger brother. She loves singing her own songs for anyone who will listen and has dreams of being the next Taylor Swift.” 

- Ronnie Bumgarner (Preslie’s mom)


Caden Puccinelli, a 14-year- old young man from Butte, Montana, was able to harvest a nice bull elk thanks to MOGA members Russ and Karen Kipp, owners of Montana High Country Tours and Mac Minard with Big Hearts Under the Big Sky.

Caden and his big brother also spent a couple of days in August fly fishing on the Missouri River with the Missouri River Lodge thanks to MOGA members Joe & Lindsey Bloomquist.


"Thanks to the help of the Cash Hyde Foundation and their Sportsmen Against Cancer Banquet, my first hunting experience was a success and it allowed my entire family to be a part of it."  

- Caden Pucinelli


“Less than a year ago, all of this was just a dream and we could not have done this without the help from our amazing volunteers, the generous MOGA member outfitters and Big Hearts Under the Big Sky.” 

-  Mike Hyde (Father of Cashy Hyde and the Founder of Cash Hyde Foundation)

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