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Happy BirthdayCashy

Today we celebrate the day Cashy was brought into our lives, Cashy would be turning eight years old today and as we stop to reflect his short life we always wonder what he would be like now...When you lose a child, you not only mourn their loss, you mourn the loss of their future. What sport would he play…How tall would he be…Would he still sleep with us or would he be bunking with his big bro Colty....would he be riding a two-wheel bike…Would he really be going into the 3rd grade… Just thinking about the laughs and moments he and Colty might have had is so hard to imagine... the list of what could have been goes on and on.

As we watch Cashy’s brother and sisters grow we see little bits of Cashy in all of them. We know he is still with us and that someday we will all be reunited, but the waiting is the hardest part. We both know we have two beautiful daughters and an amazing son still with us and plenty to keep smiling about, but at the same time the deep pain of losing a child so tragically will forever be imprinted on our soul, and a part of us left with him. We will forever hold onto that pain, because to feel that pain, comes from love, and we will always love our sweet Cashy.

Cashy loved life to his fullest, he lived for every day. He fought for life till his very last breath and because of that love he taught us all how to cherish each day. As we celebrate Cashy's Life, his Legacy and his Foundation let's remember his smile, his laugh and his amazing eyes that will never be forgotten.

Each day 47 kids will be diagnosed with cancer and 7 kids will pass away. Let’s not forget the fallen angels and remember that kids can’t fight cancer alone. We strive each day to continue to spread and share Cashy’s legacy of fighting cancer with smiles through the Cash Hyde Foundation.

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